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Trekker Dog Kennel 4 x 4m

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Trekker Dog Kennel 4 x 4m

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Trekker Dog Kennel 4 x 4m

Additional information

Product information:

  • Width 4m
  • Length 4m
  • Height 1,83m
  • Fence posts made of galvanised steel tube
  • Fence gate is lockable for added security
  • Package includes fence posts, fence net, gate and all necessary attachments
  • Wire diameter: 2,3mm
  • Mesh: 6,3cm x 6,3cm
  • Steel pipe: 32mm

Trekker Dog Kennel 4 x 4m

• A safe, familiar and defined area: In a dog kennel, your pet has a defined area that is safe and familiar. The enclosure is a safe and secure place for your dog. In its own enclosure, the dog feels safe even if the owner is not always around.

• Space to move freely: This dog kennel has enough space for moving around. This is why a dog enclosure is a more comfortable place for your pet than being on a leash or in a cramped kennel. You can also give your pet some of its favourite toys or other stimulating activities to keep it active inside the enclosure. This also gives your dog a chance to play on its own.

• Made of durable and robust material: This dog kennel is made of solidly constructed galvanized steel tubes that are highly resistant to varying weather conditions. The fence measures 4x4 metres in size and 183 centimetres in height. The fence also has a lockable door.

• All the necessary parts are included in the sales package: The sales kit includes fence posts, fence net, gate door and brackets and it's easy to assemble the fence.

• No need for constant supervision: With a dog kennel, the dog can be on its own and the owner doesn't have to constantly worry or monitor where the dog goes. However, especially on warmer days, it is worth making sure that there is a shady place for the dog inside the enclosure.

A quiet, safe and restricted area for your dog

A dog kennel provides a comfortable, safe and familiar environment for your dog to spend time in. The high quality Trekker dog kennel is ideal for a variety of different yards and is easy to assemble.

Lockable door and durable galvanised steel tubes

The entrance to the dog kennel has a lockable door that is easy to lock and convenient to walk through. The fence is made of sturdy galvanised steel tubes that are versatile and resistant to different weather conditions. The height of the fence is 183 cm. You can connect several Trekker dog kennels together to build a larger dog kennel.

A familiar and safe environment

With a fenced area, you can ensure a safe environment for your dog to run around and rest in the open air in peace and quiet. They get used to their own territory and feel safe even when the owner is away.

Easy to assemble

The sales package includes everything you need: fence posts, fence net, gate and all necessary fixings. Assembling a dog kennel is not complicated, it's easy and straightforward. So your pet will be able to get acquainted with its new area in no time.

The perfect purchase for a pet that enjoys the outdoors

Investing in outdoor possibilities is worth the price, especially if your pet enjoys the outdoors in all weathers. The kennel allows your dog or other pet to spend long periods of time outdoors.

Space for free movement

A dog kennel gives your pet more freedom of movement. You can also leave your dog's favourite toys or other small activating activities inside the enclosure. You should place the dog kennel in a place where the dog can also get some shade from the sunshine.