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Disc Golf Bags

Frequently asked questions about disc golf bags and backpacks

What are disc golf backpacks and bags?

Disc golf backpacks and bags are an excellent addition to any disc golfer's kit. A backpack or bag is a convenient way to store your discs during a round of play and keep them in the order you want. Depending on the size of the backpack or bag, disc golf backpacks and bags generally hold at least 10 or even more than 20 discs. So there are size options to suit many different needs.

In addition, most disc golf backpacks and bags have a dedicated storage compartment for a water bottle. You'll also find space for other items such as your phone, keys, lunch or even a towel. Disc golf backpacks and bags fit comfortably on your back or shoulder and make it easy to organise your discs and other belongings.


Why get a disc golf backpack or bag?

As your number of discs grows, it's a good idea to consider buying a disc golf backpack or bag. A backpack or bag will keep your discs neatly organised and the disc you need for your next throw will always be easy to find. In addition to your discs, a disc golf rucksack or bag will also keep your water bottle and other equipment handy.


How do I choose a disc golf backpack or bag?

We have a range of models to suit players of all levels. When choosing a disc golf backpack or bag, you should consider the following:
  • A smaller and cheaper bag is a good choice when the number of discs is less than 15. Bags are compact in size, but still hold a good number of discs, leaving room for items such as keys, phone and a water bottle. The disc golf bag is conveniently carried on the shoulder by its strap, making it easy to access the discs quickly.
  • The disc golf backpack is the choice of the amateur and pro golfer. The backpack can hold up to 20+ discs and has plenty of pockets and compartments for other items. A separate putter pocket makes it much easier to handle the putter. The padded shoulder straps and back padding also make the backpack more comfortable to use on long rides. Larger rucksacks stay firmly in place thanks to the protective lugs on the bottom and the rigid frame.