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Electric Bikes

Frequently asked questions about electric bikes

What is an electric bike and how does it work?

The difference between an electric bike and a normal bicycle is that an e-bike is equipped with an electric motor, which helps you to travel and encourages you to cycle longer distances, whatever your fitness level. Riding an electric bicycle gives you a nice workout, but the electric motor helps you to cycle with ease.

The electric motor can give the bike a maximum speed of around 25 km/h. So pedalling is required to reach speeds above this. In traffic, electric bicycles are classified as normal bicycles, so when riding an electric bicycle you must follow the traffic rules for cyclists.

The motor of an electric bike can, at best, assist travel of up to around 65 kilometers on a single charge, and each user can choose the level of assistance that suits them from a range of options. Charging the battery of the electric bike motor is easy with the charging cable that comes with the bike. You can even leave your e-bike charging for the day at work.

The electric bike's motor starts and works best when you pedal. The motor is therefore designed to help you ride your bike. If the pedals are not turned properly, but only to start the motor, the battery power can quickly run out.


Why should I buy an electric bike and what are the benefits?

With an e-bike you can move smoothly and quickly from one place to another. Compared to normal cycling, riding an electric assisted bike is lighter and less physically demanding. It allows you to pedal long distances with ease and even uphill sections feel easier to negotiate. It's easy to cycle to work or to the shops, for example.

Investing in an e-bicycle is an economically sound purchase. Driving a car costs money for many things, such as fuel, maintenance and parking. Even for public transport, the cost of a monthly ticket can run into hundreds of euros. The cost of an e-bicycle is therefore lower than that of driving a car or using public transport if you are keen to use it for several journeys.

You may not be able to travel as far as you would by car, for example, but it is a good investment as it does not require complex maintenance and takes up much less space than a car or motorbike.

In addition to the economic benefits, electric bicycles are good and healthy exercise, fun to ride and avoid traffic jams in urban areas. Charging the battery is also easy, so overall an electric bike is a flexible and comfortable means of transport.


How do I choose the right electric bike for me?

When choosing an electric bike, you should consider how often and how much you plan to use it. If you plan to use an e-bike, for example, a couple of times a week for shopping, simpler and cheaper models may suit you. However, if you plan to use your electric bike repeatedly and very often, the investment in quality is obviously worthwhile.

More expensive electric assisted bike models usually have better technical features for a wide range of riding. More expensive options include a more powerful battery, motor, more gears, better technical solutions and a more comfortable riding experience. Durability is also an important consideration, because who wouldn't want the most durable and reliable vehicle possible.

Nordic ProStore Swoop electric bicycles are available in City, Hybrid, MTB and Fatbike models. City electric bikes are stylish city bikes for commuting and leisure cycling in urban environments. The Hybrid is a versatile electric bike for both city and road use. The MTB is designed for mountain biking, with suspension and wider tyres to make getting around in the wild smoother. The fatbike, as its name suggests, has really thick tyres, making it suitable for the most challenging off-road conditions and also for winter cycling.