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Massage Guns

Massage Guns

Boost your recovery after a hard workout with our Massage Guns. Many professional athletes use a Massage Gun on a daily basis and the device can be found from several physiotherapist and chiropractor receptions.

You can use a Massage Gun before a workout as a warm-up or after a workout as means of boosting your recovery. Massage your muscles, tendons and joints with different head attachments or stimulate your blood circulation. You can choose just the right amount of power that fits you.

Charge the battery and enjoy a wireless restorative massage wherever you go!

Frequently asked questions about massage guns

What is a massage gun?

Massage gun is a massage device that allows you to conveniently treat different muscle groups of your body at home and everywhere else. A massage gun works by producing fast impulses that affect the deep muscles and the soft tissues surrounding them. Fast, striking movements relax the muscles and thus speed up muscle recovery.

What are the benefits of a massage gun?

Massage gun helps relieve muscle tension and improves blood circulation in the treated area. Thus, various muscle knots and jams are opened and the tension in the body is relieved, causing the muscles to relax. A massage gun is a great aid for both muscle recovery, opening up tight muscle knots and relaxing your muscles, as well as warming up your muscles before training or working out.

Who is a massage gun suitable for?

Massage gun is suitable for anyone who wants to relieve muscle stiffness, boost post-workout muscle recovery, or for anyone looking for an otherwise relaxing massage. Commonly used by athletes and active individuals for recovery after working out or by physiotherapists to treat patients, office workers and blue-collar workers with back and neck problems can also find a massage gun to be helpful in relaxing and treating the muscles.

How do I use the different heads of a massage gun?

With the different massage heads that come included in the package, you can comprehensively treat all the different muscle groups of your body by choosing the correct massage head for the situation at hand. You can massage muscles, tendons and joints with the various massage heads of the massage gun or stimulate blood circulation.

Here are some tips on what heads works best for what muscle groups:

  • Ball: Best for massaging the muscles near shoulders, neck, gluteal muscles and legs.
  • Fork: Back muscles, calves, thighs, ankles and arm muscles.
  • Flat: Hamstrings, glutes and pectorals.
  • Bullet: Best for trigger point massage and palm muscles.

How do I use a massage gun?

  • Choose the massage head according to which area of the body you want to massage.
  • After that, choose the speed accordingly, first starting with a low speed, which you can then increase as needed during the massage.
  • Move the head calmly along the appropriate muscle group. Don't use force to press the massage gun against the muscles, instead try to relax as much as possible and let the massage gun do the work for you.
  • If you find muscle knots and jams, properly massage the area by calmly circulating around the area of the muscles. Remember to keep the massaged area relaxed and keep the device in a perpendicular position on the massaged area.

Why is proper recovery important?

Straining the muscles causes minor damage to them. At the same time, the joints are also strained, energy levels drop and fluids are removed from the body through sweating. Post-workout food, drink and rest help the body repair the damage, and after proper recovery, the body is even stronger and ready for new challenges.

The saying "muscle grows at rest" is certainly familiar to everyone, and it is also true. In addition to stress, muscles also need a suitable amount of rest in order to develop stronger. How much time the body needs to recover depends on the amount of stress and the fitness level of the exerciser. You should listen to your body, because poor recovery and excessive exertion may lead to stress injuries or even overfit.

Tips for optimal recovery:

Eat well and drink plenty of water.After training, the body needs hydration and a balanced meal, especially carbohydrates to fill depleted energy stores and proteins to repair muscle cell damage.

Massage tired muscles. A hard workout can make your limbs feel heavy with lead. Massage invigorates blood circulation and, at best, reduces muscle soreness. A massage gun is a perfect aid for massaging muscles.

Sleep well. The body repairs itself during sleep.