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Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuums

The robot vacuum is a great tool for cleaning your home. With the help of the robot vacuum cleaner, you can handle vacuuming easily and efficiently, saving time and effort. The robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled with an application, remote control and even with voice control. You can program the vacuum cleaner to clean whenever you want, for example during your work day.

Here you will find a wide and high-quality range of robot vacuum cleaners. The various features of our vacuum cleaner ensures that you find the right model for you.

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No more boring vacuuming? 

A robot vacuum is an excellent aid for cleaning the house. With a robot vacuum, you can handle vacuuming easily and efficiently, saving time and effort. You can control the robot vacuum with an app, remote control, and even voice control. You can program the vacuum to clean whenever you want, for example, during the workday.

We offer a wide and high-quality range of robot vacuums. The vacuum works on all surfaces and is a handy helper, for example, in the office or at the cottage. The different features of our vacuums ensure that you find just the right model for you.


Robot Vacuums

Information - Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are a necessity in the modern home. They offer a convenient way to keep your home clean with less effort. The robot vacuum navigates independently through your home, vacuums the floors and carpets, and even returns to the charging station itself.

  • Subtypes and models: There are different robot vacuums, such as mopping robot vacuums, suitable for different needs and budgets. Whether it's a basic model or a top-of-the-range model with additional features, we can help you find the best robot vacuum.
  • Technology and innovation: Robot vacuums utilize advanced technology and innovations, such as intelligent navigation and sensor technology, to perform their tasks efficiently and independently. Many models can overcome thresholds and obstacles, and the robot vacuum battery life is optimized for longevity.

Robot Vacuums - Benefits

Robot vacuums offer many advantages. They save time and effort as they do the cleaning for you. They are also energy-efficient and can clean places that traditional vacuums can't reach, such as under sofas. Additionally, most robot vacuums, like the Lykke robot vacuum, can be programmed to clean at specific times, allowing you to enjoy a clean home when you return from work.

Frequently asked questions about robot vacuums

Why choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum is a great help in keeping the home clean. You can comfortably skip most vacuuming sessions with its help. With the internal navigation of the robot vacuum cleaner, the vacuum chooses the most efficient cleaning route and collects all the dust, sand, pet hair, and carpets from the floor. The vacuum even detects a low battery state itself and automatically seeks the charging dock. Robot vacuums do not have complicated dust bags, but a dust container that is easy to empty. Additionally, there is a HEPA filter that is easy to clean with just water.

Which robot vacuum should I buy?

You can choose the features that suit you in a robot vacuum. Higher quality robot vacuums even include smartphone support or even voice command control, with which you can easily determine the operation of the vacuum. Some robot vacuums also have a selectable mopping feature. Suction power and the size of the dust container should also be considered when choosing a vacuum. The cheapest robot vacuums do not come with a charging dock, so charging must be done manually.

Can a robot vacuum get over thresholds?

Yes, certain robot vacuums can overcome even 20 mm high thresholds and carpets. We recommend checking, for example, the space under the furniture where the robot vacuum can clean, so that the vacuum does not get stuck.