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SUP Boards

Stand up paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding, Stand up paddle surfing or simply SUP boarding, is an offshoot of surfing where SUP boarders paddle while standing on the board. The sport originates from Hawaii.

SUP boarding is suitable for anyone who loves water-based activities. You can paddle a SUP board from the middle of the board while standing in a shoulder width stance and your toes pointing forward. The SUP boards can be utilised in seas, lakes and rivers in both calm and windy conditions.

From our comprehensive range of Stand up paddleboards, you will find the most cost efficient boards on the market, as well as boards that fit the requirements of the most experienced boarders, from All Around boards to race boards and yoga boards.

Choosing a SUP board

In our product range you will find a comprehensive selection of SUP boards for different purposes. When buying a new board, consider the conditions and waters you will be using it in and the purpose you are looking from your future board. Please see the board descriptions below to help you understand the different uses for your board. If you have any questions about our SUP boards, you can contact us via the chat window and we'll help you choose a board!

SUP board models

All-around SUP board / Universal board

Designed for use in a wide range of conditions, for all types of paddlers, for all SUP boarding. These boards combine the best features of other boards. The shorter models are better suited for wavier conditions, while the longer models are for larger paddlers and families! Parents and children can paddle together if they wish! An all-around board is the best choice for beginners, but will also work well for more experienced paddlers.

Kayak SUP board

The Kayak SUP board is a thoroughbred SUP board that you can quickly and easily convert into a kayak with the included kayak seat accessory! You can choose whether you want to paddle the board normally or sit on it. The included paddle can be converted into a normal SUP paddle or kayak paddle as needed.

Who is SUP boarding for?

SUP boarding has grown in popularity at a rapid pace and not without a reason as it's a great choice for a fun summer/water sport! Getting started is really easy, and you can learn the basics in just a few minutes. SUP boards can also be used for yoga, gymnastics, muscle training or even fishing.

Overall, SUP boarding is a great full-body workout that develops muscle strength (especially the core muscles), balance and fitness, while you enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful summer weather. SUP boarding is suitable for anyone interested in water sports.