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Weighted blankets

Frequently asked questions about weighted Blankets

Can a weighted blanket be washed?

Polar Night blankets and duvets are all machine washable, but please note the weight limits of the washing machine. For this reason, we recommend hand washing your blanket, as not all washing machines can handle the weight of a blanket. If you decide to machine wash your blanket, remove the duvet cover first and machine wash it alone in lukewarm water at around 40°C without spinning. Allow the blanket to dry flat or hanging. It is also possible to dry clean a quilt. Duvets can be machine washed in the normal way using lukewarm water and spin drying.

Which weight of weighted blanket should I choose?

The choice of a duvet is influenced by the weight of the user. The weight of a weighted duvet should be around 8-12% of the weight of the user. For example, for people weighing 60-86 kg, a 7 kg weighted weighted blanket is recommended, and for people weighing 92-130 kg, an 11 kg weighted blanket is recommended. See our size chart for guidelines on choosing a weighted blanket. Our range includes blankets from 3 kg up to 16 kg.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket helps the user to fall asleep and feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. It also creates a sense of security, improves concentration and helps restless sleepers. The main purpose of a weighted blanket is to make the user feel comfortable and cuddly, which increases the secretion of pleasure hormones. This way, the weighted blanket helps the user to relieve stress and, by increasing the production of pleasure hormones, it activates the secretion of melatonin.

What material is the Weighted blanket made of?

Polar Night blankets are made of 100% microfibre (grey blankets) or 100% cotton (white blankets) certified to OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard. The lining is polyester fleece and the microglass beads inside are OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard certified and are non-toxic and lead-free. The products are non-toxic, ecological, odourless and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for allergy sufferers.

Which weight of weighted blanket is suitable for a child?

For children weighing between 25 and 37 kg, we recommend the lightest blanket weighing 3 kg. For children weighing between 37 and 59 kg, we recommend a 5 kg blanket. It is very important that even the smallest user can get out from under the blanket! For this reason, we recommend children's weighted blankets for children aged 5 years or older and weighing 22 kg or more.

Who is a weighted blanket suitable for?

A weighted blanket is a great aid to deeper sleep and is suitable for almost everyone! If you have trouble falling asleep, are restless at bedtime, feel like you don't wake up feeling refreshed in the morning or otherwise suffer from a poor night's sleep, you should try a weighted duvet. If you have respiratory or circulatory diseases, fractures or osteoporosis, weight-bearing products are not recommended.