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Studded Shoes & Friction Shoes

Studded Shoes & Friction Shoes

Studded shoes and friction shoes are a must have in slippery conditions! In winter, roads and paths quickly get a slippery due to ice and snow, which can be surprisingly deceptive when walking in ordinary shoes. However, the problem is quickly solved with a pair of studded or anti-slip winter shoes! They make it safer and easier to walk in slippery conditions, providing better grip and lowering the risk of falling over and injuring.

Studded shoes

Why you should own a pair of studded shoes

The main advantage of studded shoes is the improved traction in slippery conditions compared to regular shoes. Thanks to better grip on slippery roads, risk of falling over is reduced and movement all around is more relaxed without unnecessary body tension which can help reduce injuries caused by muscle stress.


With proper studs, you can avoid serious injuries. Without a proper sole, your body will be unnecessarily strained and the risk of falling over is higher. Without studs, the relaxation of walking and running disappears. Studded shoes also avoid the limitations of route choices.

Support and grip

With the help of studded shoes, you ensure good toe thrust and your heel stays firmly on the ground. The shoes provide good support for the feet and ankles. In addition, the warm fleece lining on the inside of the shoes also keeps your feet warm even in colder winter conditions.

Friction Shoes

During winter months the surface of roads easily become really slippery. Friction shoes are a great option to make outdoor activity in slippery conditions more safe! These friction shoes provide a better grip compared to normal shoes and reduce the risk of tipping over and injuries.

The sole of non-slip shoes is made of a special and unique rubber compound, which provide a better grip in slippery conditions. The friction sole brings traction to your steps right from the get-go and you can walk worry-free in all winter conditions, on all platforms. The grip of the friction shoes is achieved by the combined effect of the different gripping surfaces of the sole rubber and the sole pattern.

Unlike studded shoes, friction shoes offer near-silent movement even indoors, and you don’t have to worry about the studs wearing out.