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Smart Watches

Smart Watches

Kuura smart watches are smarter than your average watches. They allow you to track your activity, measure your heart rate, read your messages, answer your calls and much more!

Most Kuura smartwatches enable you to track your fitness and performance during an exercise thanks to the various training profiles and heart rate measurement. In addition, they can also be used to track your sleep and thus, recovery.

Connect your Kuura smartwatch to your smartphone to receive messages and notifications directly to your smartwatch. Additionally you can use an app to get detailed reports about your activity.

The Kuura Function, FW, FM and Tactical series models bring all the necessary features to your wrist without compromising on style. These smartwatches allow you to monitor your activity, heart rate and sleep. In addition you can also receive messages, browse emails and listen to music.

The Kuura S1 and S3 sports watches take your training to a new level. With the help of a sports watch, you can monitor your activity level, heart rate and blood oxygen level with different training profiles. At the same time, you can receive notifications on your phone.

The A3 activity tracker allows for easy monitoring of movement and fitness. It allows you to track your steps, heart rate and sleep.

The Kuura K1 and K3 children's smart watches make your child's communication easy and safe. The smartwatch allows your child to play and send voice messages. Parents can also use their smartwatch GSM tracking to track their child’s location.