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Trekker Trail Camera Recording Premium

The Trekker Premium recording trail camera ensures that every motion the camera's sensors detect is safely stored in the memory. Three sensitive PIR sensors are aimed in such a way that they create 120 ° angle of detection and are capable of triggering the camera in just 0.3 seconds based on motion detected from up to 24 meters. With this model you can save images and videos directly to a memory card. The camera's black flash LEDs allow the camera to capture sharp images even at night without notifying the target. This hunting camera is also compatible with external power source.

Please note. The package does not include a memory card or batteries.

Technical information:

  • 2.0 ”LCD display
  • 16 / 12 / 8mp image resolution
  • 1080 / 720 / WVGA / VGA Video
  • Flash: 36 black flash LEDs
  • 24m detection distance
  • Max. 32gb Micro SD card
  • 8 x AA batteries
  • 3 x PIR sensors
  • 120 ° detection angle
  • 120 ° field of view
  • 0.3 sec shutter delay
  • Color photos by day
  • Black and white photos at night
  • IP65 rating