Trekker Traction Shoes

Trekker traction shoes shoes are designed to give you as much traction as possible when going outdoors in slippery conditions. They are the perfect choice for icy and snowy walks or forest trips! The shoes have a high-top and a warm fur lining. The GripNorth friction sole and the rich patterning on the bottom provide improved grip in slippery conditions.

The material of gives the shoes a durable, breathable surface that repels both wind and water. The shoes have a soft and warm fur lining inside, which keeps your feet warm even on cold days. The friction shoes are also silent when walking indoors.

Product information:

  • Color: black with silver accents
  • Sizes: 36-46 (EU)
  • Sole: GripNorth friction sole
  • Surface: Water repellent PU
  • Soft and warm fur lining
  • Wide last