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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round Ni2, 6kW, 5-9m³, separate control

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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round Ni2, 6kW, 5-9m³, separate control

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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round Ni2, 6kW, 5-9m³, separate control

Additional information

With SAWO's Aries Round electric sauna heater, you can guarantee a great steam in a handy way. The Aries Round is a beautiful pillar sauna heater with a stainless steel open outer shell that holds a 60 kg mass of stones. With its stylish appearance, versatile positioning and excellent steam characteristics, Aries Round is at the top of its price range! The Aries Round Ni2 is a stand-alone heater model with a power unit integrated into the base of the heater and a splashback control panel that can be installed inside or outside the sauna.

The large amount of stones in the sayna heater ensures a very moist steam, so that the lower temperature feels hotter on the skin. Thanks to the resistor holders, there is some space around the resistors and hot air is more easily released into the sauna, which in turn speeds up the heating of the sauna and extends the life of the resistors. The low and wide body of the Aries Round makes it easier to load and unload stove stones. The outer casing can be easily removed for convenient maintenance.

The Aries Round can be recessed into the ceiling and its elegance is enhanced by a stainless steel recessed collar. For added safety, the stove is available with a safety guard made of beautiful reddish-brown cedar or light ash wood, which is easy to install.

This sauna heater package includes SAWO's modern and simple control panel Saunova 2.0. The control panel with digital display can be recessed into the wall or mounted with a separate mounting frame. Aries Round and Saunova 2.0 are an energy-efficient pair, as they keep the power distribution even by keeping only part of the resistors on when the target temperature is reached. This feature allows the resistors to be evenly loaded and extends their lifetime. The temperature can be adjusted up to one degree on the control panel.

Product information:
  • Brand name: SAWO
  • Heater model: Aries Round
  • Certificates and approvals: CE marking
Product dimensions:
  • Height (mm): 930
  • Depth (mm): 300
  • Cable length (m): 4
Product features:
  • Colour: Steel
  • Material:Steel
  • Material specification: Stainless steel outer shell
  • Type of heater: Net heater
  • Control panel: separate control panel
  • Max. number of stones (kg): 60
  • Contents of delivery: floor and wall brackets, fixing screws, counter clamps, operating instructions, Saunova 2.0 control panel, 4 m RJ12/RJ10 data cable to control panel, temperature sensor in cedar protective case, 4 m silicone cable for sensor.
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Enclosure class: IPX4
  • SAWO product number: ARI3-60Ni2-P-C
  • Long life resistors
  • Recommended stone type and size: Olivine diabase Ø 5 cm - 10 cm
  • Resistors: 3 x 2 kW
  • Resistor model: ARI200
  • Connection cable: 5 x 1.5 mm² (400V 3N~) or 3 x 6 mm² (230V 1N~)
  • Fuse: 3 x 10 A (400V 3N~) or 1 x 35 A (230V 1N~)
  • Control panel product number: SAU-UI-V2
  • Control panel product name: Saunova User Interface 2.0
  • Control panel EAN code: 4894224600858
  • Control panel dimensions: height 147 mm, width 104 mm, depth when installed 4 mm
  • Control panel weight: 370 g
  • Control panel features and adjustments: temperature control, pre-temperature control (max. 5 h for home use, max. 24 h for public saunas), on-time control (1h, 2h, 4h, 6h,
  • 8h, 12h, 18h, 24h), lights ON/OFF, Celsius or Fahrenheit as temperature unit, key lock, remote control with potential-free tip, possibility to connect emergency switch or door sensor (EN 60335-2-53).
  • Minimum sauna height 1900 mm
Product installation and usage:
  • Installation location: floor, integrated in the ceiling tiles
  • Sauna volume, min. (m³): 5
  • Sauna volume, max. (m³): 9
  • Safety distance to the front (mm): 100
  • Safety distance to the rear (mm): 100
When renovating your sauna or choosing a heater for your sauna, please note that a brick wall, stone wall, log wall or glass wall, for example, requires additional power from the heater, i.e. more kilowatts. For example, one (1) square meter of any of the above wall materials will add approximately one (1) cubic meter to the calculated volume of your sauna.