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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round 6kW, 5-8m³, fixed control

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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round 6kW, 5-8m³, fixed control

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SAWO Electric Sauna Heater Aries Round 6kW, 5-8m³, fixed control

Additional information

The Aries sauna heater is designed so that there is some space around the resistors (thanks to the resistor clips), which allows hot air to be released more easily into the sauna room, thus also speeding up the heating process. In addition, the "resistance clamps" around the resistors prevent the resistors from touching each other and minimise twisting of the resistors and direct contact with the stones. The resistors have a low surface resistance, which means a longer lifetime because the resistor is not subjected to such high stress in use. This mesh resistor has a wide and low body, making it easy to reach the stones. Loading or unloading the stones is a snap. The frame can also be removed if necessary, making maintenance work easier.

The SAWO tower sauna heaters are based on a large number of stones. The sauna heater creates a very moist steam, so that the lower temperature feels hotter on the skin. (So typically the sauna thermometer will read around +60 degrees Celsius). Traditional electric sauna heaters are based on heating air flowing through the stones of the heater. Tower heater differs from traditional electric heaters in that the heater and its stones are heated and the heat is released from the heater into the sauna room by throwing the steam.

When renovating your sauna or choosing a heater for your sauna, please note that a brick wall, stone wall, log wall or glass wall, for example, will require additional power from the heater, i.e. a higher kilowatt input.For example, one (1) square metre of any of the above wall materials will add approximately one cubic metre to the calculated volume of the sauna.

Product information:
  • Brand name: SAWO
  • Heater model: Aries Round
Product dimensions:
  • Height (mm): 925
  • Width (mm): 300
  • Depth (mm): 300
  • Diameter (mm): 300
  • Product weight (kg): 12
Product features:
  • Colour: Steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Material specification: Stainless steel
  • Type of heater: Net heater
  • Control panel: fixed control
  • Type of heater: fixed heater
  • Max stone amount (kg): 55
  • Contents of delivery: floor and wall brackets and fixing screws.
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Fixed control 4+8 h
  • Long life resistors
  • Size of connection cable required: 5 x 1.5 mm²
  • Note: Connection cable not included
  • Voltage: 400 V 3N~
  • Resistors: 3 x 2 kW
  • Fuse: 3 x 10 A
  • Minimum height of the sauna room: 1900 mm
Installation and usage of the product:
  • Installation location: floor
  • Flooring (m³): 5
  • Sauna volume, max. (m³): 8
  • Safety distance to the front (mm): 100
  • Safety distance to the rear (mm): 100
Dimensions and weight of the package:
  • Freight weight (kg): 10,00