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Blackwood Pool Table Basic 6'

Not in the mood to go outside to a bar with a pool table or an expensive pool hall but you’re still in the mood to play pool? Solve your problem with the high-quality, 6-foot-long Blackwood pool table and create your own pool hall in your home!

With this pool table you get all the pool accessories and equipment needed for the game: two pool cues, a complete ball set, chalks and of course a rack! You can start playing immediately without any further purchases.

The table is packed in double thick cardboard for transport so you can be sure it will arrive intact!

Product information:

  • Frame color: wood
  • Carpet color: green
  • Carpet material: polyester
  • Platform material: LDF
  • Frame material: high-quality MDF board (E1 Standard compliant MDF)
  • Pool pockets: Cups made out of PP
  • Corners: Rounded ABS, chrome-plated on the top
  • Legs: Strong MDF board, chrome plated feet
  • Angles: 2 mm ABS
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Also included: 2 pool cues, 2 chalks, 1 rack, 1 pool ball set
  • Dimensions of the table: 207.2 x 114.2 x 78.4 cm
  • Dimensions of the playing area: 182.8 x 89.8 cm
  • Packaging dimensions: 219 x 127 x 19 cm
  • Package weight: 81 kg