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Lykke Greenhouse Hybrid 13m2, black

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Lykke Greenhouse Hybrid 13m2, black

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Lykke Greenhouse Hybrid 13m2, black

Additional information

Product information:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: tempered glass walls, UV-protected PC plastic ceiling
  • Body materials: aluminum and steel frame
  • Ventilation sunroof
  • Sliding door for easy access
  • Includes a plinth

Lykke Greenhouse Hybrid 13m2, black

• Spacious and versatile: The Lykke Hybrid greenhouse is quite spacious in size - 247.2 cm high, 506.7 cm long, 254.7 cm wide and 13 square metres in total. This means that the greenhouse can accommodate a convincing number of your favourite plants. You can use it to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and even seedlings. Even the most demanding plants will thrive in the Lykke Hybrid.

• Materials include high quality tempered glass, PC plastic and a polycarbonate roof: The Lykke Hybrid greenhouse has wall and roof panels made of tempered glass and PC plastic. It's sure to look like a stunning addition to your garden. The UV-protected polycarbonate roof softens the light and effectively traps warm air inside the greenhouse. An aluminium plinth is included and provides excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, a roof hatch makes it easy to regulate ventilation.

• Enjoy the delights of your greenhouse: What could be better than using the vegetables and herbs you grow yourself for cooking. The Lykke Hybrid greenhouse can be used for just that, making it really easy to pick fresh and tasty vegetables to eat.

• A nice relaxation area: With its spaciousness, stunning appearance and safe and durable construction, you can use the Lykke greenhouse as your own peaceful relaxation space. With plants and your choice of decor, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in peace and quiet inside the greenhouse.

• Make the most of it all year round: With its excellent adjustment possibilities and high-quality materials, the Lykke Hybrid greenhouse is an efficient and functional solution for varying weather conditions. During the winter, you can use the greenhouse as a storage space for your garden goods, as long as you remember to remove excess snow from the roof, as the one-year warranty does not cover roof collapse due to excess snow load.

A comfortable, efficient and relaxing greenhouse

With the unobstructed, beautiful and sturdy Lykke Hybrid greenhouse, you can easily grow your own vegetables and plants, whatever the weather. The stylish greenhouse can also be used as a relaxing space for yourself. The advantages of using a greenhouse include a longer growing season than in the open air, the ability to control temperature and humidity, and the versatility of the space you purchase.

Great features make a functional and beautiful greenhouse

This spacious greenhouse, which can also be used as a relaxing area, measures 247.2 cm in height, 506.7 cm in length, 254.7 cm in width and has a total surface area of 13 square metres. 

The Lykke Hybrid greenhouse combines the best of tempered glass and PC plastic. The sturdy aluminium and steel frame combines tempered glass wall panels and UV-protected PC plastic roof panels to create a beautifully functional greenhouse. The tempered glass wall panels provide a stunning view of the greenhouse and also giving it stability and security. 

The polycarbonate roof softens the light and traps warm air better inside the greenhouse. An aluminium plinth is included in the delivery and effectively prevents corrosion. In addition, the greenhouse has a roof hatch that allows easy ventilation control.

Extensive possibilities

In the greenhouse you can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Many plants that require more space or certain temperatures, for example, can easily be grown in a greenhouse. It is also easy to grow seedlings for later use in the open air. In addition, summer flowers, for example, can be pre-grown under the adjustable growing conditions of a greenhouse.

An ecological choice

Greenhouses are a great choice towards a more ecological life. You can fill your greenhouse with herbs and vegetables and enjoy the crops the growing process, whatever the season. What better way to cook meals for family and friends than from your own crops.

Relax in your own greenhouse

You can also make the greenhouse your own idyllic and relaxing space. The fresh air and natural surroundings help you to relax and create a gentle atmosphere. You can also bring your houseplants inside the greenhouse for summer relaxation. The greenhouse can be conveniently finished and decorated to suit your taste.

Adjustability, longer growing season and year-round use

The Lykke Hybrid greenhouse is ideal for growing a wide variety of plants. Extensive adjustment possibilities and high quality materials allow for efficient and enjoyable use, whatever the weather. In winter, you can also use the greenhouse as a storage room for your garden equipment and tools. 

We offer a one-year warranty for the Lykke greenhouse. In winter, it is important to remove excessive snow from the roof of the greenhouse. The warranty does not cover roof collapse due to excess snow load.