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Lykke Electric Standing Desk Nordic 120x60cm, black

Lykke Electric Standing Desk Nordic 120x60cm, black

Product available

Product available

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Lykke Electric Standing Desk Nordic 120x60cm, black

Additional information

Product Name: Lykke Electric Standing Desk Nordic 120x60cm, black

Brand: Lykke

Color: Black

Material: Steel, Wood

Height Adjustment: 72-118cm

Price-Quality Ratio: The best on the market

Table Top Size: 120 x 60 cm

Standards/Certifications: CE-EMC

Power: 100v-240v

Weight: 20kg

Dimensions: Length: 120cm, Height: 60cm, Width: 70cm

Package Weight: 23.4kg

Package Dimensions: Length: 129.4cm, Height: 67.4cm, Width: 18cm

Height Adjustment: Ranging from 72 to 118 cm, this desk caters to your comfort, whether sitting or standing.

Price-Quality Ratio: Offering unmatched value, it's the best choice for both quality and affordability.

Spacious Table Top: The 120 x 60 cm surface provides ample space for your work essentials.

Height Adjustment for Ergonomic Comfort: Easily switch between sitting and standing to reduce strain and enhance productivity.

Outstanding Price-Quality Ratio: Enjoy premium quality without the premium price tag, a smart investment for your workspace.

Ample Working Space: The generous table top dimensions ensure you have all the room you need for your work tasks.

Revolutionize your workspace with the Lykke Electric Standing Desk Nordic 120x60cm. Its height adjustability fosters ergonomic health, while the ample desk space caters to all your professional needs. Experience unparalleled quality and value with Lykke's trusted craftsmanship.

Lykke stands at the forefront of ergonomic office solutions, championing the integration of comfort and productivity in the workplace. Our electric standing desks are crafted to transform your work experience, seamlessly blending well-being with efficiency. Opting for Lykke means choosing a workspace that promotes a healthier, more dynamic work life. We are committed to sustainable practices and innovative design, ensuring that our products are not just functional, but also environmentally responsible. Our vision extends beyond mere furniture; we aim to revolutionize work environments into spaces brimming with creativity and wellness. Embracing Scandinavian minimalism and advanced technology, every product from Lykke is a symbol of our dedication to quality and ergonomic excellence. Join the Lykke community to elevate your daily work routine with a touch of sophistication and unparalleled comfort.