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Lyfco Foldable Electric Bike 20"

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Lyfco Foldable Electric Bike 20"

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Lyfco Foldable Electric Bike 20"

Additional information

The black Lyfco 20" is a foldable 7-speed electric bike that is a practical model for both city cycling and caravan rides, as it is easy to transport and store. when the pedaling starts and stops when the pedaling stops.

Despite its low price, this electric bike made in Europe is made of well-known and high-quality components. Its ultra-quiet and brushless 250 W electric motor makes the driving experience a pleasant one.

The folding electric bike is LED-lit at the front and back. The backlight has its own small battery, while the front light is powered by the main battery. The on-board computer's illuminated display provides information on speed, distance, battery charge and assistance level, and remaining mileage on battery charge.

Removable and lockable Broadline lithium battery and battery charger included. The highly efficient 13 Ah battery lasts about 25% longer than the 10.4 Ah battery that most electric bikes are equipped with. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge a fully discharged battery, but you will receive about 75% of the battery capacity after about 1 hour of charging. Drive up to 80 km on a single charge. However, mileage varies slightly depending on terrain, road surface, temperatures, user weight, and other influencing factors. Lithium batteries last many times longer than other rechargeable batteries if handled properly. Used properly, branded lithium batteries can last more than 1,000 charges, which is equivalent to several years of use before they need to be replaced. A well-kept battery will last the life of your bike.

The pre-assembled electric bike is delivered almost completely assembled. All that remains is to attach the saddle, front wheel and handlebar. The assembly time is approximately 5-8 minutes.

We recommend that your bike be serviced after 100-300 km by a qualified bike service dealer. If you're having trouble getting your bike ready to drive, contact an expert bike service.

Product information:

  • Brand: Lyfco
  • Country of manufacture: Bulgaria

Product dimensions:

  • Product Weight (kg): 22

Product Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Material specification: Aluminum frame, pedals and rims
  • Voltage (V): 36
  • Max. load (kg): 120
  • Battery: 36 V / 13 Ah, removable / lockable Broadline lithium battery
  • Carbon Brushless Motor: Yes
  • Engine type: Borstlös
  • Engine power (W): 250
  • Maximum distance per charge (km): 80
  • Gears: Shimano FT35D Rear Gear and Shimano Revo Shift SL-RS36 Gear Shift
  • Number of gears: 7
  • LEDs: Yes, front and rear
  • Brakes: V-brakes front and rear
  • On-board computer: Ananda
  • Body Type: Collapsible E-Fold
  • Saddle: Removable, height-adjustable
  • Chain: KMC Z7
  • Max Mileage / Charge: Up to 80 km

Package dimensions and weight:

  • Package width (mm): 1,020.00
  • Package height (mm): 1,650.00
  • Package depth (mm): 220.00
  • Shipping Weight (kg): 27.00