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KOBE Gas grill PROFESSIONAL 5+2, 176.7x69x128.5cm

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KOBE Gas grill PROFESSIONAL 5+2, 176.7x69x128.5cm

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KOBE Gas grill PROFESSIONAL 5+2, 176.7x69x128.5cm

Additional information

  • Grill 99% assembled, only the side panels in place
  • Accurate temperature regulation with the heat distribution plates' own space distribution
  • Five burners, infrared side cooker, rear burner for skewers, extremely top-class power!
  • Also included is a smoking box for converting the grill into a smoker
  • A grill designed by Finns for us Finns

We have tried to find durable, long-lasting parts that are also suitable for Finland's – even ridiculously harsh – summer conditions. The grill is assembled by welding together. It is rare because many grills are assembled by screwing together. The robustness is also increased by the grill's sturdy grates, heating rack and cover. The griller's pain during assembly has been eased so that the grill is delivered 99 percent fully assembled in a wooden box to your backyard. The only thing that needs to be done before assembly is to install the side plate. This takes a couple of minutes in total. After this, the barbecue party can just begin.


The grill has a huge grilling area. The grates are really sturdy grates, and last a long time. Below these, the first of the interesting details is revealed: the heat distribution plates. The heat distribution plates are traditionally on top of the burners, but in this grill they are also on the sides. The heat distribution plates placed on the sides enable the heat to be directed onto a specific burner in the grill. At the same time, you can grill vegetables on one burner and meat on another burner - at different temperatures, or with indirect grilling. There is, of course, a heating grate on top of the grilling area, and behind it a gas-powered rear burner to keep food warm or even for use on a skewer. Please note that the skewer is not included in the delivery, but must be purchased separately.

Another interesting detail is the arrival of a smoking box as part of the grill's equipment. This is how it works: The upper heat distribution plate is removed from its place, the smoking box is placed on top of the burner, and the grill has become a smoker.

There is solidity and durability at the level of the burners as well. The material of these has been taken care of in such a way that they will last you at least 10 years, if not more. You can't get the same from a supermarket grill.


The third interesting detail is in the side cooker. This infrared cooker is recessed below the side level. The reason is, of course, in the wind and heat distribution. The wind does not interfere with the heat production of the kettle and the heat is better used. The burner itself is brass.


KOBE has two large drawers with a closing mechanism on the left side and a cabinet on the right. The cabinet door has a fourth nice little detail, because there is a paper towel holder attached to the door. After all, we all know how easily the wind can take paper towels with it.


There is a grease flap in the front of the grill, which can be pulled out easily. In addition, there is a grease collection cup into which the liquid drains.

The grill is designed to withstand harsh and harsh weather. Much of its materials come from the same suppliers who make their grills for Australia's humid and salty climates. So this will last! However, we recommend a protective cover during storage.


  • Size 176.7 x 69 x 128.5 cm
  • Package size: 115 x 75 x 32 cm
  • Grilling area: 101 cm x 47 cm
  • Heating grid: 100 x 20 cm
  • Skewer place
  • The height of the side shelves of the grill / the height of the shelf is 91.5 cm
  • The whole grill when assembled is 180 cm wide
  • Weight: 138kg, in package 157kg
  • Grill height when the lid is open 159 cm, when the lid is closed 128 cm.
  • The total depth x width of the side shelves is 53 x 36 cm
  • The tires are large and durable wheels with a diameter of 7.5 cm, two of which have locking and two without.


  • 5 burners (BTU 1500, 4.33kW x 5, cast stainless steel SS304)
  • 1 cast copper side burner (BTU 1500, 4.33kW)
  • 1 infrared back burner (BTU, 1500, 4.33kW, 100 x 5 cm)
  • Total power of about 30.3 kW


  • Grill grates made of stainless steel (SS304), thickness 8mm
  • Heating plate made of stainless steel (SS304), 100 x 20 cm
  • Cover in stainless steel (SS430)
  • Side surfaces in stainless steel (SS430)
  • Lower compartment door and drawers made of stainless steel (SS430)
  • Control panel: Zinc alloy control buttons with LED lights


  • Transformer and halogen lights on the back panel
  • A smoking box with which you turn a gas grill into a smoker
  • A place for a skewer
  • When fully assembled, the entire beauty, only the side panels need to be attached yourself and it can be done in a minute.


  • Grease collection container
  • The grease shield can be removed from the front


  • Cover and grill assembly - 10 years, no rusting or other fire damage
  • Roster grill grates - 10 years, no rusting or other fire damage
  • Cast iron burners - 5 years, no rust or other fire damage
  • Heat distribution plates made of stainless steel - 3 years, no rusting or other fire damage
  • Enameled heat distribution plates - 2 years, no rusting or other fire damage
  • All other parts – 2 years.
  • Spare parts availability - 5 years from purchase, all basic spare parts for the product. Accessories must be checked separately.