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Kobe Gas Grill PRIMA 4+1, 146x121x57cm

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Kobe Gas Grill PRIMA 4+1, 146x121x57cm

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Kobe Gas Grill PRIMA 4+1, 146x121x57cm

Additional information

It's here now! Be quick because this gas grill is only available in limited quantities this year! This is the most amazing new gas grill of this size class. It is a very sturdy gas grill with a grilling height of 93 cm and a total grilling area of 70 x 42 cm.

The grill runs on four wheels, has spacious lower cabinets and good side surfaces, one of which has a side cooker. The grilling area is covered by a wonderful sturdy double deck. The grilling area itself offers you a wonderful and extremely wide warming shelf 65 x 20 cm equipped with a multigrill function.

The grilling area has a traditional grate and a round grate. On the top side of the whole there is a wide 20cm warming shelf, which can hold much more food waiting for hungry eaters. The heating shelf can be removed when necessary, i.e. it is not fixed in place.

The round grate is part of the multigrill feature of the gas grill. The Multigrill allows you to insert any parts of the same shape into the grill, such as the grate in the demonstration video.

The grilling area is matt enameled cast iron. The material of the heating shelf is an enameled wire ball.

There are 4 gas burners in the fire pit of the barbecue area, and these gas burners are covered by 4 heat distribution plates.

Other information

The gas burners in the fire pit can be lit with battery ignition. Ignition is connected to each burner. Please note, however, that the battery is not included in the delivery.

The grill moves on four small transfer wheels, two of which can be locked.

The product has a limited 5-year warranty.


  • The double cover is 430 stainless steel. The double cover ensures that the steel surface of the grill does not become discolored from the heat. It also prevents the buttons from burning when touching the surface.
  • The grilling area is matt enameled cast iron. Heating shelf in enameled wire steel.
  • The material of the heat distribution plates is 430 stainless steel.
  • The burners are grid tube burners, with 3.2 kW power per burner
  • The control panel, side surfaces and grill trolley are all made of powder-coated steel.
  • Cabinet doors are 430 stainless steel.

Technical information:

  • 4-burner gas grill with side cooker
  • Size: 146 x 57 x 121 cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • 4 pcs of grid tube burners 3.2 kW, power of the main burners total 12.8 kW.
  • Side cooker power 3.5 kW
  • Total power 16.3 kW
  • Grilling area 70 x 42 cm
  • Grilling height 93 cm
  • Warming shelf: 65 x 20 cm
  • Grilling grates of matt enameled cast iron, heating grate of enameled wire steel.
  • Multigrill feature in the grilling area
  • Electronic ignition for each bulb, does not include a battery
  • Heat distribution dampers 4 pcs, 430 stainless steel
  • Double lid with thermometer, 430 stainless steel
  • The ends of the double cover are made of powder-coated steel
  • Firebox made of enamelled steel
  • Control panel, side surfaces and grill trolley made of powder-coated steel
  • Doors 430 stainless steel
  • 4 wheels, 2 lockable
  • 5 year limited warranty