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Fornorth Snowblower S6600


Fornorth Snowblower S6600

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Hurry! Only few products left!

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Fornorth Snowblower S6600

Additional information

Now you can clean walkways and yards effortlessly!

Is your yard and driveway full of snow this winter and you're tired of shovelling? Do you have narrow paths in your yard when it snows, because it's hard and time-consuming to shovel the whole yard?

Don't worry, we have the solution: the Fornorth Snowblower! With it, you can scoop up big snow masses from the yard to the parking lot. Fornorth snowblowers are suitable for everyone, from small private yards to large areas. So no more snowdrifts in yards, or narrow walkways, now you can easily clear snow from your yard anytime, anywhere!

The Fornorth S6600 snowblower is a convenient and functional snowblower for all yards! It is easy to start with an electric or pull start. Its powerful 6.5 horsepower winter engine ensures that snow is created quickly and effortlessly. The snowblower has a working width of up to 61 cm! It has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. Its large 3.6 litre fuel tank ensures that you can create a larger area in no time at all. The S6600 has large 13'' tyres that are self-propelled, so you don't have to push the spinner, so even in the thickest snowpile, you'll be able to go without a hitch!

So what are you waiting for, we are now offering free delivery on snow blowers!

Note! The product image is an illustration of the final colour of the product.

Product details:

  • Engine: 6,5 HP winter engine.
  • Cylinder diameter: 212cc.
  • Compatible with 5W-30 and 5W-25 motor oil
  • Starting: electric and pull start
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l
  • Transmission: 6 front, 2 rear
  • Gear speeds: 1st gear forward: 1.4-1.8km/h, 2nd gear forward: 2.1-2.5km/h, 3rd gear forward: 2.6-2.9km/h, 4th gear forward: 3-3.2km/h, 5th gear forward : 3.3-3.5km/h, 6 forward gear: 3.5-4km/h, 1 reverse gear: 1.2-1.6km/h, 2 reverse gear: 1.8-2.4km/h
  • Dual-phase blower
  • Working width: 610 mm
  • Maximum snow depth: 510 mm
  • Feed screw protection mechanism: break bolt
  • Discharge tube material: steel
  • Throwing tube turning radius: 190 degrees
  • Throwing distance: 5-15 m
  • Spindle diameter: 300 mm
  • Type of spike: serrated
  • Wheels: self-propelled, 13''
  • Work light
  • Four stroke engine
  • Petrol: E95-E98. E98 is recommended because of better shelf life
  • Adjustments: Stepless height adjustment, sideways with a crank

Package dimensions:

  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Length: 935 mm
  • Height: 690 mm
  • Width: 770 mm

Product Manual:
Fornorth Snowblower S6600 Manual