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Fornorth Snowblower S4100


Fornorth Snowblower S4100

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Fornorth Snowblower S4100

Additional information

Product details:

  • Engine: 6,5 HP winter engine, OHV, EUR05.
  • Starting: pull start.
  • Dual-phase blower
  • Compatible with 5W-30 and 5W-25 motor oil
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.0 l
  • Transmission: 4 front, 2 rear
  • Gear speeds: 1st gear forward: 1.4-1.8km/h, 2nd gear forward: 2.1-2.5km/h, 3rd gear forward: 2.6-2.9km/h, 4th gear forward: 3-3.2km/h, 1st gear reverse : 1.2-1.6km/h, 2 gear reverse: 1.8-2.4km/h
  • Operating width: 560 mm
  • Maximum snow depth: 420 mm
  • Type of feed screw: toothed
  • Feed screw width: 240 mm
  • Impeller size: 240 mm
  • Feed screw protection mechanism: break bolt
  • Throwing tube material: steel
  • Throwing tube turning radius: 190 degrees
  • Throwing distance: 9-12 m
  • Wheels: self-propelled, 13''
  • Four stroke engine
  • Petrol: E95-E98. E98 is recommended because of better shelf life
  • Adjustments: Stepless height adjustment, sideways with a crank

Package dimensions:

  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Length: 840 mm
  • Height: 630 mm
  • Width: 630 mm

Fornorth Snowblower S4100:

Powerful 6.5 horsepower winter engine: Excellent performance and reliability in snow clearing.

Two-stage auger and continuous discharge chute adjustment: Enables precise and efficient snow removal.

Self-propelled large 13'' tires: Facilitate maneuvering of the snowblower even in challenging terrain.

Large 3-liter fuel tank: Longer operating time without the need for refueling.

Fornorth - About the Brand:

Fornorth is recognized for its reliability and innovations in the snowblower industry.

The Fornorth Snowblower S4100 is designed to make your snow clearing effortless, safe, and comfortable.

This machine not only meets the needs of even the most demanding users but also elevates the level of user comfort.

Powerful Winter Engine:

A powerful 6.5 HP winter engine provides excellent performance and reliability in snow clearing, designed to withstand harsh conditions and deliver efficient performance every time.

Adjustable Discharge Chute:

A two-stage auger combined with continuous discharge chute adjustment enables precise and efficient snow removal, ensuring smooth operation every time. You can easily and accurately adjust the chute direction as needed, making snow clearing effortless and precise.

Self-Propelled Tires:

Self-propelled large 13-inch tires make maneuvering the snowblower easy even in challenging terrain. You can rely on the sturdy grip and traction of the tires, enhancing user comfort and mobility in snow clearing.

Benefits of the Product:

Effortless Snow Clearing: The powerful engine and two-stage auger make snow clearing not only faster but also significantly easier. The strong performance of the engine and efficient operation of the two-stage auger enable quick and efficient snow removal without the need to constantly revisit the same areas. This allows you to perform snow clearing quickly and effortlessly, whether dealing with light snow or deeper drifts.

Versatile Usage Possibilities: Adjustable discharge chute and gears give you full control over the snowblower's operation in various conditions. You can adjust the chute direction as needed, enabling precise snow removal and directing it to the desired location. Additionally, the gears allow you to adjust the snowblower's speed and power to suit different tasks, ensuring optimal performance and results in every snow clearing job.

Long Operating Time: An important feature that ensures uninterrupted work without the need for interruptions. A large fuel tank minimizes the need for refueling, allowing continuous operation without interruptions. This enables you to perform snow clearing efficiently and effectively, knowing that you don't have to worry about refueling frequently. This improves work efficiency and performance, which is particularly important when you have a lot of snow clearing to do.

Safety and Comfort: Self-propelled tires provide good grip and traction even in challenging conditions, making maneuvering the snowblower easy and safe. Additionally, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable user experience, reducing strain and fatigue during long working periods. Safety equipment and clear instructions complete the package, making snow clearing both safe and enjoyable.