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Fornorth Portable Garage 3,5x7,5m, Light grey

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Fornorth Portable Garage 3,5x7,5m, Light grey

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Fornorth Portable Garage 3,5x7,5m, Light grey

Additional information

A portable garage is a convenient way to protect and store your car or other belongings. In addition to your vehicle, you can also store tools or other equipment or machinery that requires covered protection. Moving the portable garage is no problem as it does not require any separate foundations.

Made of PVC fabric, the Fornorth portable garage is lightweight, but has a rigid structure. The frame material is made of rigid galvanized steel tubes.

This tarp is curved in design, so it does not easily accumulate large amounts of snow. However, it is important to remove excessive snow load from the roof of the tarpaulin to keep the roof strong and avoid the risk of collapse.

In winter use, it is also important to ensure that the tarpaulin cover remains taut. This will keep the garage solid at all times and also keep the roof cleaner when the cover is properly tensioned. The guarantee does not cover roof collapse due to overloading by snow.

The cover can be replaced later without any problems if you wish.

We offer free delivery for portable garages!

Product information:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Fabric material: PVC
  • Strong 350g PCV tarp
  • Frame material: galvanized steel tube
  • Frame tube thickness: 1.2mm
  • Rear door dimensions (width x height): 343 x 352 cm
  • Front door dimensions (width x height): 182 x 295 cm
  • Tarpaulin changeable

Package dimensions:

  • Package 1:
    • Weight: 28,9 kg
    • Length: 665 mm
    • Height: 195 mm
    • Width: 565 mm
  • Package 2:
    • Weight: 8,37 kg
    • Length: 515 mm
    • Height: 95 mm
    • Width: 415 mm
  • Package 3:
    • Weight: 28,1 kg
    • Length: 1780 mm
    • Height: 120 mm
    • Width: 465 mm
  • Package 4:
    • Weight: 26,5 kg
    • Length: 1780 mm
    • Height: 120 mm
    • Width: 465 mm
  • Package 5:
    • Weight: 29 kg
    • Length: 1930 mm
    • Height: 155 mm
    • Width: 375 mm
  • Package 6:
    • Weight: 15,8 kg
    • Length: 1930 mm
    • Height: 115 mm
    • Width: 155 mm
  • Package 7:
    • Weight: 27,9 kg
    • Length: 1390 mm
    • Height: 145 mm
    • Width: 215 mm