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Fit `n Shape Barbell Set 110kg


Fit `n Shape Barbell Set 110kg

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Fit `n Shape Barbell Set 110kg

Additional information

With Fit'n Shape's quality fitness equipment, you can exercise at home efficiently and safely. This Fit'n Shape barbell set as a whole is an excellent set for the enthusiastic home gym beginner.

With the barbell, you can train a comprehensive range of strength training movements. The action is based on the bar and the detachable plate weights that are added to the ends of the bar. There are several different weights and sizes of weights in this set, so it's easy to find just the right amount of weight for each muscle group.

The barbell in this set weighs 10 kilograms. The set includes two pieces of 15 kg weights, four pieces of 10 kg weights, four pieces of 5 kg weights and four pieces of 2.5 kg weights. The total weight of all the plate weights is therefore 100 kilograms and if each of them is placed on the barbell, the total weight of the whole set is 110 kilograms. So there's plenty of choice and adjustability in this set, making it easy to gradually move up to heavier weights as your muscle strength develops.

The plate weights have a hole diameter of 30 mm and are concrete-filled with a vinyl coating. The barbell in this set is 170 cm long and comes with bar locks for attaching the plate weights.

This product contains the following products:

  • Fit'n Shape Barbell Set 50kg
  • Fit'n Shape Vinyl Plate Weights 2x5 kg
  • Fit'n Shape Vinyl Plate Weights 2x10 kg
  • Fit'n Shape Vinyl plate weights 2x15 kg

Product information:

Fit'n Shape Vinyl Plate Weights (2x 5 kg, 2x 10 kg and 2x 15 kg): 

  • Vinyl supplementary plate for weight sets and biceps and barbell bars.
  • With a hole diameter of 31 mm, they are suitable for standard 30 mm bars.

Fit'n Shape Barbell Set 50kg:

  • Plate weights: vinyl coated, concrete filled
  • Bar: Stainless steel
  • Bar suitable for 30 mm weights
  • The bar can withstand 120 kg weights.
  • 4 x 2,5 kg plate weights 
  • 2 x 5 kg plate weights
  • 2 x 10 kg plate weights
  • Bar locks
  • Bar: approx. 170cm