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Core Treadmill 4500


Core Treadmill 4500

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High demand! Stock is running out fast!

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Core Treadmill 4500

Additional information

Product information:

  • Speed: 1-18 km/h
  • Maximum power: 4.5 hp
  • Maximum user weight: 140 kg
  • User recommended height: 140-200 cm
  • Running area size: 48 x 135 cm
  • Display functions: Time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, mp3, speakers, bluetooth, usb, Fit- show app
  • Display: 7'' LCD
  • Mat tilt: Automatic 0-15%
  • SRS damping in the mat
  • Foldable, easy storage.
  • Tyres, easy to move.
  • Treadmill assembled size: 187 x 143 x 83 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Colour : Black
  • Material: Steel, rubber, ABS plastic
  • CE, RoHS, EMC

Package dimensions:

  • Weight: 88 kg
  • Length: 187 cm
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Width: 86 cm

Core Treadmill 4500

A treadmill is a time-saving and exercise-friendly purchase that makes everyday life easier for the fitness enthusiast. The versatile and top-of-the-range Core 4500 Treadmill is ideal for even the most active exerciser and meets the needs of the most ambitious fitness enthusiasts.

  • Top of the range motor: The Core Treadmill 4500's powerful and durable 4.5hp motor delivers a superior running and walking experience. Thanks to the premium engine, you can be sure that the treadmill will last a very long time, providing a smooth and challenging workout, whether you are a beginner or an advanced runner.
  • A versatile treadmill: Speed and incline adjustment make the running experience personalised. You can adjust your workout according to your fitness level and goals for the day - whether it's a cross-country run or a light jog. With the Core Treadmill 4500, you can adjust the speed between 1 and 18 km/h. The mat can be automatically tilted between 0-15%. With as little as 1% inclination, you can create a drag equivalent to outdoor jogging, and with higher inclinations, you can create conditions that mimic hill running.
  • Advanced features: The 7-inch LCD screen lets you track your running time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate. The screen also offers MP3, speaker, Bluetooth, USB and Fit Show app access. So this treadmill has everything you need for a comfortable and productive running and walking experience for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. You can listen to your favourite music, track your workout progress and have fun while burning calories.
  • Ergonomic design: The Core Treadmill 4500's SRS damping not only makes running more comfortable, but also protects your joints and reduces stress from impact, allowing for longer and safer training sessions.
  • Practical and easy to store: The foldable design of this treadmill and the wheels underneath make it very easy to store. The treadmill is easy to store and easy to transport, so putting it aside after a workout is effortless.

Core – Feel the movement and reach your goals!

Core's fitness and exercise products are designed to match the passion of active fitness enthusiasts. The Core Treadmill 4500 is designed to take your workout to a new, higher level. Exercise and strength training are tough, challenging and require an energetic attitude - which is why progress and achieving your goals is so rewarding. Core shares these values and designs its products to meet the demands of even the most passionate fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Treadmill benefits - this is why it's a great piece of fitness equipment

An activating and effective form of exercise:Running on a treadmill is effective because it activates all the major muscle groups to work and it greatly develops aerobic fitness, as well as acting as a great warm-up before a muscle workout. Running also develops the muscles of the legs and core and strengthens the bones and joints.

Comfortable and joint-friendly:This excellent treadmill has been designed with the user's comfort in mind. The SRS damping in the mat ensures that each step is soft and comfortable, protecting joints and muscles from excessive strain.

Durability:The Core Treadmill 4500 is made of high quality materials that guarantee the longevity of the product, even if you use it every day.

Work out at home:With a treadmill at home, you can avoid long trips to the gym and run or walk at your leisure. No more waiting at the gym or worrying about the rain outside. You can work out whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.

Safety:The treadmill is equipped with safety features such as an automatic stop function and a non-slip surface, ensuring a safe workout every time.

Powerful 4,5 hp engine

The engine is the heart of the treadmill, with 4.5 hp of power for smooth, powerful performance every time. With its quality engine, robust structure and comfortable running feel, this treadmill is perfect for even the most passionate fitness enthusiasts.

Adjustable speed and inclination

Every run session is unique. Choose the speed and incline that's right for you and tailor your workout to your own preferences. With the Core Treadmill 4500, you can adjust the speed between 1 and 18 km/h. The mat can be automatically tilted between 0-15%. With as little as 1% incline, you can create a drag equivalent to outdoor jogging, and with higher inclines you can create conditions that mimic hill running.

Foldable and easy to store

This treadmill is easy to move and store. The treadmill can be folded up to take up much less space. The wheels on the bottom of the treadmill make it easy to move.