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There are many different types of disc golf discs, each with its own purpose and personality. Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced pro, it's important that you know what type of discs work best for your game. In this guide we'll walk through the different types of discs available and help you choose which ones are right for your skill level and style of play!

Distance drivers are designed to fly the furthest.

Distance drivers are the longest flying discs. They are designed to fly faster and farther than any other type of disc.

They are often the most difficult to throw because they require a lot of power in order to get them to fly correctly. If you throw these discs with too little force, they will turn into a roller (which can be fun, but not what you want in this case).

Because distance drivers require such high speeds in order to function properly, they tend to be overstable as well. This means that they will tend to curve or turn left once they begin their flight path (although there is some variation among different models).

For distance drivers we recommend:

Fairway drivers offer a balance between distance driver and mid-range discs. Fairway Drivers are for players that need more control but also want a little more distance.

Fairway drivers are designed to be faster than mid-range discs. They are usually less stable and more overstable than distance drivers and, as such, offer a balance between the two for players that need more control but also want a little more distance.

This makes these discs great for players who want to add an extra element of finesse or accuracy into their game without sacrificing distance or power.

For fairway drivers we recommend:

Mid-ranges can be thrown straight, hyzer, and anhyzer.

Midranges have the widest variety of shots, which makes them perfect for beginners. A midrange can be thrown straight, with a hyzer angle (nose down), or anhyzer angle (nose up). If you’re just starting out and playing in open areas, then a straight shot will be your go-to shot. This shot is achieved by releasing your disc when it is facing directly towards you. If you want to add an angle to your shots and don’t have trees or obstacles around, then the hyzer or anhyzer are great options since they don’t require much form on your part.

For mid-range discs we recommend:

Putters are normally thrown short distances

Putters are used for short-range approach shots, which require a good angle on the basket and a fair amount of accuracy. They can also be used to get a good angle on the basket when you need to get your disc closer or into an opening.

For putters we recommend:

How does the weight of the disc affect its flight?

The lighter a golf disc is, the faster it will fly. Lighter discs are more maneuverable and can be thrown with more accuracy, but they won't go as far as heavier discs. A heavier disc has more glide and distance than a lighter one—and there's no way around that truth. Larger discs have become increasingly popular over time due to their ability to hold their own in headwinds and other adverse weather conditions.

How to choose the weight of disc golf discs

How heavy a disc you need depends on the type of throw you intend to make. If you are throwing a more understable disc, a lighter weight will be needed as they tend to turn more easily in the air. A heavier disc is more stable and thus less likely to turn or flip over when thrown. It will also have more control when thrown into headwinds or other conditions that might cause your disc to land off target.

When it comes down to choosing the right weight for your needs, understanding how different weights affect flight patterns can help narrow down your options quickly and efficiently.


We hope this article has given you a good idea of all the different types of discs available and how they fit into your game. Check out our whole selection of disc golf discs!

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