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Tips for storing your electric bike

Careful storage is important for the life and durability of your electric bike. By choosing a suitable and good storage location, you are contributing to the longevity and functionality of your e-bike and its battery. The most important thing when storing your electric bicycle is to avoid prolonged exposure to cold and damp. Read below for more detailed tips and advice on how to store your electric bike properly!

Where to store an electric bike?

A dry and warm place to store your e-bike is recommended. Do not leave the electric bike in a cold and damp environment, as cold and dampness can have a negative effect on the performance and durability of the parts of the electric bike, such as the battery, display and control unit. It is therefore always advisable to store the e-bike in a sheltered area wherever possible, and the battery disconnected and stored at room temperature.

Can an electric bike be stored in the bike storage room of an apartment block?

You can and should store an electric bicycle in the same way as a normal bicycle. However, you should always disconnect, store and charge the battery in your apartment. The general rule in apartment buildings is that you should not charge your electric assisted bike battery in the building's bike storage room, as there may be fire safety risks involved, as with all charging of electrical appliances.

Where to store an electric bike battery?

Proper storage of your electric bike battery is a good idea, as if stored correctly you will maintain the battery's durability and longevity. The battery should always be stored indoors in a warm place. In winter, the importance of storing your e-bike battery is even more important, as cold air and especially frost will reduce the battery's charge. The best and safest way to store the battery is at room temperature in your home - so if you leave your e-bike in storage, for example on a balcony or in a storage room, it is advisable to remove the battery from the bike and store it at room temperature away from damp and cold. If you are bringing the battery from a cold climate to a warm one, it is a good idea to wait a while for the battery to warm up a little before you start charging it. It is not advisable to leave the battery completely discharged, but it is recommended to keep it at least partially charged at all times. For example, if you don't use your electric bike in winter, it's still a good idea to charge the battery a little, say every couple of months. The safest way to recharge your e-bike battery is in a controlled environment at home, in accordance with the instructions, while you are awake. Obviously, all batteries will slowly degrade over time, but by taking good care of your battery, you can significantly extend its life, so it will be good for you and your electric bike for a very long time!

Can I store my e-bike outside?

It is always recommended to store your electric bike indoors as a first priority, but it is also possible to store your electric bike outdoors. However, when storing your E-bike outdoors, you should bear in mind that if it rains outside, moisture can penetrate the electrical parts of the bike and damage them. When stored outdoors, it is therefore also important that the e-bike is protected from rain and snow. The battery and electrical parts of the bike are most sensitive to frost, so the bike should never be left in freezing temperatures. This is why, for example, a balcony is not a good place to store an electric bike in winter.

Can an electric bike be stored in freezing temperatures?

Storing an electric bike in freezing temperatures should always be avoided. Some electric bikes are suitable for winter use, but they should always be stored indoors in a warm place. Never leave the battery discharged in freezing temperatures, as this can lead to the battery cells being unable to accept current and, in the worst case, the battery may become unusable.

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