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Whether you’re helping your future playmaker improve their game or just looking to shoot free-throws in your spare time, a basketball hoop can become a cherished part of your home for the whole family.

But where do you start? Which kind is best for you and your needs? You’ll need to take into account a variety of factors, from hoop location to backboard material. There are a number of styles and combinations, so let’s take a shot to find the type that best suits you.

Remember the location

Before buying your basketball hoop, you’ll want to have an area with plenty of space. A flat, paved area is usually best, making driveways a popular option. If you decide to place a basketball hoop on the street or sidewalk, just be sure to keep street safety in mind. Some neighborhoods prohibit installation on these public spaces, so check with your borough first.

What type to choose?

Once you know where your hoop will go, start looking at the different types that are available. Each has its own benefits, with designs created for a variety of players:

  • Portable: These stand-alone units have wheels for portability to easily move them around to accommodate your game. Portable hoops have bases that range in size and capacity, usually between 40 and 80 liters, while others come with a base to be weighed down with other materials. Most come with height adjustability settings, making portable hoops a good option for parents with younger players who are continually growing.
  • In-Ground: These hoops are fastened into the ground with cement, making them a good option for families who expect this to be a part of their home for years to come. In-ground hoops often come with adjustable height settings to accommodate players of different sizes and skill levels, and are stable and durable.
  • Mounted: These hoops are typically a backboard and hoop mounted onto a structure, like a garage or exterior wall of your home. These hoops offer superior stability and allow you to make a court with limited room. Many mounted hoops are set at a fixed height, though there are some that can be adjusted.

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