Swoop Electric Scooter ES500

The ES500 from Swoop is their biggest, sturdiest and most powerful electric scooter. The ES500 is a great alternative for walking and is also otherwise a fun vehicle for quickly and effortlessly moving between places. The large 8.5” pneumatic rubber tires provide for a comfortable and smooth ride no matter the terrain. The extremely powerful 350W / 36V brushless motor is frictionless, which makes it more maintenance-free than a standard brushed motor. In addition the motor has also been upgraded from 5.0Ah to 7.5Ah. The 350W motor transports you at speeds of up to 23 km / h. The lithium-ion battery charges quickly in 2-3 hours, and a single charge has a range of 19-23 kilometers. The higher weight limit of 120kg ensures that even the bigger users can use this e-scooter.

Thanks to it folding capabilities, this model is easy to transport and store.

Product details:

  • Motor: 350W / 36V (brushless)
  • Speed: max. 23 km / h
  • Operating distance: max. 19-23 km
  • Battery: 7.5Ah
  • Brakes: Electric brake (front tire) Foot brake (rear tire)
  • Tires: 8.5” pneumatic rubber tires
  • Screen: LCD
  • Weight limit: 120kg
  • Protection: IPX4